gbmSYGNAL Transcriptional Regulaotry Network

Search for gene or somatic mutation:

Search for genes or regulators from the gbmSYGNAL network by using autocomplete in the search field based on your input. For example input IRF and it brings up all the possbile matches. Then select the correct search term from the drop down list and click the Search button to find all the somatic mutations, regulators or bilcusters with that gene/miRNA.

(Examples: somatic mutation = NF1, regulator = IRF1 or hsa-miR-128, and gene in bicluster = HLA-A)

Explore Combinatorial Regulatory Network for GBM:

Explore an interactive network of combinatorial TF and miRNA regulatory interactions.
gbmSYGNAL Transcriptional Regulaotry Network